About us

You´re in good hands

The studio started out more than 12 years ago as a two designer sisters venture. Over the years we grew and we added professionals in communication, design and programming to be able to provide a multidisciplinary answer to the needs of our clients. We have an excellent work group trained to provide concrete, effective and creative solutions.

Women-owned & women-led

Why does this matter? Only 1% of creative agencies are founded by women, and the number of agencies with female creative directors (about 3%) also constitutes an abysmal minority despite the fact that women drive 70 to 80% of consumer purchases, so male-dominant creative agencies are missing a huge opportunity.

About us

Creative Team Leaders creative Team Leaders creative Team Leaders creative Team Leaders

Florencia Bouza

Graphic Designer UBA - Web Programmer - Photographer

Co-Founder, Creative Direction, Accounts

Flor Bouza

Verónica Bouza

Graphic Designer UBA - Advertising Art Director

Co-Founder, Creative Direction, Accounts

Vero Bouza

Violeta Mucci

Political Scientist UBA - Journalist TEA

Communication Director

Violeta Mucci

María Florencia Videla

Graphic Designer UBA

Brand Strategy, Design, Copywriting, Editorial, Social Media


Lis Guerrini

Visual Communication Designer UNLP

Brand Identity, Design, Animation, Social Media

Lis Guerrini